With the current pandemic home training has become more popular and for some the only way to undertake daily exercise. However a large number of people don't know where to start and with limited space and or equipment, self motivation can be very difficult.

These are some do's and don'ts to begin or maintain a good home training routine:-

  • Do: make time to train:- it is imperative that you make time to train. Even if it is just 10 minutes 5 days per week, you need to set aside everything else and have some YOU time. Having a set time daily will make it easier for you to stick to but if you cant do this, schedule an alarm on your phone before you go to bed for the next day so that you don't forget.
  • Do: make space to train:- this does not have to be a huge area, just enough for you to undertake body weight movements without hitting anything around you.  
  • Do: exercise that motivates you:- just because your friend does yoga does not mean that you have to. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy, even if it is just dancing around to your favourite music you will be more inclined to exercise if its something that you enjoy. This is different from physical exertion however, exercise should get your blood pumping and may sometimes be uncomfortable but the fitter you get the easier it will become. 
  • Do: mix up your training or try something new:- don't get stuck in a rut with exercise experiment! Doing the same routine and the same training plan will eventually leave you bored and your body will not respond to the same routine. Make sure you mix up your training, if you have found a type of exercise you like then make sure you mix up the reps, sets and time zones to maximise your fitness potential. If you fancy a change then why not try something new. Its always good to try a new type of exercise with a friend or family member, this will give your confidents a boost.
  • Don't: buy unnecessary expensive equipment:- you don't need big expensive equipment to stay fit especially if your not sure how to use it. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises that will help you stay fit and healthy. Need a bodyweight exercise routine that will help you stay fit healthy? Check out our store under training plans, there you will find a comprehensive 28 day plan that will keep you fit, healthy, looking and feeling good this winter. 
  • Don't: use home furniture:- whilst buying unnecessary equipment is not recommended, equally using home furnishings to jump around on is also less than ideal. Make sure that if you do want to perform exercises such as box jumps or step ups, that you buy the equipment that is built for this purpose. The last thing you want is a trip to A&E because the nest table in the living room has buckled from your bodyweight. 
  • Don't: break routine:- routine in our lives is very important if we don't brush our teeth morning and night then we will lose them. The same can be said for exercise if we don't exercise than we will lose muscle mass, physical fitness and many other benefits that come with it. 
  • Don't: give up:- sometimes exercise can be hard we don't want to do it, we feel like there are better things that we can be doing with our time, however it is so important that you stick with it. You will not see instant physical changes, however endorphins released after exercise will make you feel amazing. Overtime the benefits will be more than worth it and mean more to you than just being able to squeeze into your favourite clothes again. 

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