I was struggling to get into a good routine with my diet and exercise. Roxy not only got me back on track but she also educated and coached me, enabling me to eat healthier and enjoy exercise again. 



Roxy really made a ketogenic diet simple and easy to follow. She not only enabled me to lose weight but provided me with excellent knowledge about the diet. 


Roxy has made my training sessions matter again! I lacked all motivation with my former training plan. She not only makes my training plan varied and enjoyable but also challanging to get the best out of me. She is the best PT i've had and i've had a few! 



I have been having PT (personal training) with Roxy for 2 years now. I turned to Roxy for PT because I was feeling unfit and overweight. I am a mother of two and I just found it a struggle to eat healthily and exercise. Roxy gave me a ketogenic diet plan incorporated with an excercise plan which fitted in with my lifestyle. It was simple to follow and more importantly allowed me to have dessert! 

I lost my target weight of 1 stone, without being miserable and starving, (feelings I have experienced on previous diets). I continue to have Roxy as my PT as she motivates me to be a healthy, confident women. I couldn't reccomend her enough!!!


How do I know my diet and exercise plans work? because I have experienced it for myself! 

My weightloss journey 

After spending time in the United States for 3 months I gained alot of weight. I decided that I didn't feel comfortable being overweight and decided on my return to the UK to change my diet and to start exercising. I wrote myself a training plan dedicated 4-5 days a week to the gym and started eating healthily.

The weight began to drop off and it gave me the motivation to join the Army something which at my heaviest would not have been possible. I passed the Army fitness test, which was one of the proudest moments of my life and it signified the hard work and time that I had put in to get into shape.

I later became a PT (personal trainer) in the Army and helped others to get fit and maintain their military fitness. Diet and exercise does not have to be complicated and by keeping it simple and educating soldiers it allowed me to develop and grow as a PT.

The military has helped me to become a well rounded, educated and personable PT. Although I have now left the military, my passion for educating others to become the best versions of themselves remains the same. 

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