Pull Up Grip Handles

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Pull up grip handles allow you to improve your grip strength and by changing your grip position, you can perform new exercises biomechanically and activate new muscle fibres. 

The handles can be fixed on the gym equipment and allows a free range of motion. It adapts to your natural painless exercise, preventing shoulder and low back injuries.

When you exercise, the fitness handle can move freely, and your stabilizer muscles work continuously to keep your exercise stable and smooth.
You can increase the range of motion by can extending the length of the handle. With the pull-up design, your handle will experience a stronger stretch, giving you more space to bring your elbow back to get a stronger contraction.

Product details:

  • Colour: Orange
  • Material: Nylon and TPE
  • Size: 13.5cm long

Package Contents:

  • 1 pair of pull up grip handles

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