8 Week Strength and Conditioning Training Plan

8 Week Strength and Conditioning Training Plan

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So your finally back to the gym but have lost your strength and stamina, or you want to build up your athletic performance to reduce injury, then this is the plan for YOU! 

This 8 week plan focuses on improving mobility, strength, endurance, power , speed, agility and performance.

This plan requires the following equipment:-

  • Barbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Box
  • Pull up bar
  • Weighted plates 
  • Medicine ball

The plan is split into upper and lower body sessions over 4 days per week and uses training with percentages so that the plan is individual to YOU! 

The percentages are based off your 1 rep max,  which is the maximum amount of weight you can lift for 1 repetition. It also includes rest periods between sets which is vital for muscle growth.  


Q: Do I need any equipment?

A: Yes, the equipment that is required is listed above however, if you have access to some but not all of the equipment please get in contact and we can advise you on how to adapt the plan. 

Q: Do I need to rest between sets? 

A: To ensure you achieve maximum lifting potential you will need to rest between sets. Your ATP-PC system needs at least 2.5 minutes to recharge. This will enable you to lift more weight and get stronger faster 

Q: How many days of training are included in the plan?

A: The plan includes 32 days of training with 4 days of training per week.

Q: Is this a custom plan?

A: Yes, plan has a custom element as it is based off of your 1 rep max, however it is not based on your personal ability. If you would like a more personalised plan then email us and we can design a plan especially for your specific needs. 

Q: What if there are exercises on the plan that I cant do or don't understand? 

A: Don't worry we provide full support to all of our valued customers. Contact us via email and we will provide full video demonstrations of exercises and help you to change minor elements of the plan. 

Q: Is there a nutrition element to the plan?

A: No, there is not, however again if you would like one then email us and we can design a plan especially for your specific needs. 

Q: What happens once I purchase the plan?

A: You will receive an instant PDF digital download link to download the plan onto your device. Please ensure you have software that is compatible with PDF's. 

Q: Will I have to pay any further payments? 

 A: No, just the purchase fee this is not a monthly subscription plan. 

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Jose F, Spain

I'm really glad that I signed up to the bodyweight exercise plan over lockdown. It really helped me maintain my fitness.

Niki P, United Kingdom

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