M4 Smart Band Fitness Tracker/ Pedometer/ Heart Rate /Blood Pressure/ Bluetooth/Waterproof

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M4 Smart Fitness Tracker 


  • Screen display band (0.96 TFT)
  • Full-day activity tracking: steps, calories burned, mileage and heart rate.
  • Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality)
  • Intelligent reminder: Call reminder, information push, sedentary reminder
  • More functions: telephone search, remote camera, stopwatch.
  • APP in google play and app store
  • Synchronous data to mobile applications
  • Android and apple application in sync

Product details:

  • Model: M4 Band
  • App Name: Fitpro
  • System requirements: Android 4.4 and above, IOS 8.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Bluetooth version: BLE 4.0
  • Battery capacity: 90mah
  • Standby time: Standby time will be subject to the actual measurement
  • Working time: Working time will be subject to the actual measurement
  • Motor: Vibration remind
  • Charging interface: PSuction-cup charger
  • Life waterproof: IP65, can wash hands, wear in the rain, but can not wear it when swim or bath.

    Package included:
    1*Smart  Bracelet
    1*User  Manual  (It is necessary to read the manual before use, if you do not understand Chinese or English, please contact us.)

    Q1: If your phone cannot connect with the bracelet, it may be caused by the following reasons:
    1. After you download the Fitpro App, you don't agree with the routes it needs
    Solution: Please download the app again and agree to all system root for the app

    2. When your bracelet is turned on for 10 minutes, it is still not connected to the phone
    Solution: Please restart your bracelet and connect within ten minutes

    Q2: If the bracelet cannot be charged, it may be caused by the following reasons:
    1. The charging contacts of the charger and the bracelet are dusty or oxidized
    Solution: Please clean the charging contact point of the charger and the bracelet, or scrape the contact point with a key

    2. Insufficient contact between charger and bracelet
    Solution: please press hard when charging and please charge it for 1 hour

    3. If none of the above methods seems to solve the problem
    Solution: please try to charge it with another charger, and please feel free to contact our customer service, we will help you to solve it, thanks

    This bracelet is not a professional measurement tool, it only provides reference data. If you want to measure more accurate data, please buy the relevant professional measurement instrument, thanks

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